Why Get Fit?

Seriously, bro. Why are you even in the gym?

I mean, I know, the usual suspects apply, right? You want to lose weight, get strong, look good at the beach. Blah, blah, blah.

Nothing wrong with any of those things. But what I’m asking is why do you even want to do those things?

See, I think your fitness has a greater purpose. A greater reason. A greater mission.

Let me step back a bit and give that statement some context.

I firmly believe that every life has grand purpose. You are here on Earth for a reason. A big one, too. There is something for you to accomplish. Something more than being born, paying taxes, retiring without enough money, and then dying. There is something more for you to do. And, to raise the stakes a bit, there are people counting on you to make that thing happen.

Since that is all true (fight me, bro) it only follows that your fitness is even more important. Captain Obvious reporting for duty here: It will be really hard to execute your purpose in life if you’re sick, decrepit, or dead. The fitter you are and the longer you can stay fit and active, the more likely it is that you’ll accomplish that mission—and with the biggest impact possible.

At Strong Tower, we want to build happy, health, missional people who kick ass well into old age. The word “missional” comes from my church background. For a long time there was this passive attitude that led Christians to think that just because they weren’t sent overseas to impoverished lands to share the Gospel of Jesus they were somewhat except from that life. They weren’t obligated to share, love, give, build, teach, help, or anything like that. They simply attended their Sunday services, generously donated, and comfortably went about their lives.

But in recent times, there has been a shift in that thinking. Now, Christian thinkers believe that all people of faith have an obligation to share, love, give, build, teach, help or anything like that—regardless of whether you’ve been sent to the remote jungles or over to the neighborhood grocery store. The term coined for that sort of life is “missional living.”

We are missional people regardless of faith. We live on mission to share, love, give, build, teach, and help.

You are a missional person. You live on mission to share, love, give, build, teach, and help.

Think about that next time you get ready for the gym. Suddenly your fitness takes on a whole new priority, doesn’t it?

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