Visualizing Success

Visualizing success might sound a little weird. Trust me, I once thought so. But visualization techniques have been used by everyone from executives to world class Olympic athletes with tremendous success. Your mind is an incredibly powerful too. Let’s harness it!

So far in this series we’ve discuss the first three steps in brainstorming and setting exciting goals!

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If you haven’t followed these steps to audit and then select goals that really excite you, then go back and read those posts in order.

visualizing – your brains way of making it happen

Let me prove this to you first. I’m going to tell you a super quick story. Promise me you will follow along in your imagination and visualize this as you read.

I just brought out a plate of lemons. Bright yellow flawless lemons. I take one off the plate and place it on a cutting board. I gently start rolling it back and forth, applying a bit of pressure to get the lemon juice flowing. Then I take a sharp knife and carefully make a small cut into the lemon. Juice squirts as I cut through the lemon. Both halves fall open when I finish and you can see the juice dripping onto the cutting board. I give the lemon a little squeeze and more juice squirts out.

Then I cut a slice of the lemon and hand it to you. The lemon juice drips onto your fingers and you bring it to your mouth. You take a bite and the lemon juice washes over your tongue.

Need a little visualization to help? Here ya go.

did you salivate?

I’ll bet some of you even puckered when you read this too. Do you know why we salivate? It begins the digestion process. Not only does it lubricate the food making it easier to swallow, but saliva contains digestive enzymes that start breaking down the lemon.

Your body just started digesting food that wasn’t even there, all because you were visualizing it.

Where your mind goes, your body follows. If your body can digest food that doesn’t yet exists, imagine what it can do with other things.

visualizing success – write your story

Here we go. We are going to take that goal you chose and write about it like it already happened, and perfectly.

Step 1 – Visualize it. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes if you’re comfortable. Imagine what it is like when you’ve accomplished that goal. Describe it. What’s going on around you? Who is there? What about your life is different? How are you feeling?

Take a few detailed notes before moving on.  This will trigger your brain’s reticular activating system (RAS). Think about your RAS as primitive blinders for your brain. As a survival instinct you think “I need to find food” so the RAS starts to filter out anything that wont nourish you. All you can see is food. This works in modern times with other things. I’m thinking of buying a Jeep Wrangler Now all I can see are Wranglers. Did everyone suddenly go out and get one? Or is my RAS simply calling them out for me.

Step 2 – Give your brain a vision of where to go! Take a few minutes and write down the feelings you will experience when you reach this goal. Which ones resound the most with you? Which are the most powerful? Refer back to your notes from step one and create a one to two paragraph vision statement. Here are a few tips to writing a powerful statement, giving your brain a vision of where to go:

  • Make it Present Tense – Write a paragraph as it is happening RIGHT NOW – “I am ______”
  • Make it Personal – Use “I” and “Me” and “Mine”
  • Make it Positive – Keep it in the positive. Don’t STOP or DO LESS or QUIT. Write the positive equivalent. Don’t STOP smoking. Instead you’re breathing deep and full with plenty of endurance.
  • Make it Passionate – Add strong, positive emotions. The more descriptive, the better. We are emotional beings, remember?
  • Make it Detailed – I know, that’s not a P. But the more detail you add, the more powerful the statement

Step 3 – Vision Board  Now that you have the words (hopefully a paragraph or two), it is time to add pictures. Find pictures that represent your perfect future state. Not just the goal, but all the things that go with it. Collect them into one page and put it somewhere you can see it. This is your vision board.

The powerful combination of reading your perfect future state and seeing the vision board will make visualizing success a daily routine and prime your mind to chase after it with tenacity.

Let me know how this exercise goes. What does visualizing success look like for you?

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