Ultimate Everyday Aldi Grocery List: Frozen Foods

Author: Abbey Collins

Welcome back to our Ultimate Everyday Aldi Grocery List series, in which I share some of my top Aldi-shopping tips and staples for healthy eating and shopping! Today we’re chilling out in the freezer aisle.

Frozen Foods

Beware—there are many tempting convenience foods in this section, but there are also healthy options! My freezer is always stocked with these few things:

Vegetables: Single and mixed varieties. I love to have plain frozen veggies on hand to add to soup, bulk up a side dish, or add to our family fav, fried cauliflower rice (just sub riced cauliflower for the rice in this recipe).

Berries: As we approach the cold and dark winter season, throw some frozen berries into your smoothie or oatmeal to remember warm summer days.

Fish: I love to buy frozen fish. I know it’s been frozen close to the source to ensure the freshest fish possible. There is also a lot of information on the package to make an informed choice of where your fish came from. Follow this recipe for perfectly roasted salmon.

Meat substitutes: if you’re looking for vegan options, check out the freezer! This section in the grocery store has been growing steadily. Aldi has quite a few options and they change frequently.


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