Ultimate Everyday Aldi Grocery List: Dairy

Author: Abbey Collins

Not long ago, we shared the first installment of our Ultimate Everyday Aldi Grocery List series, in which I share some of my top Aldi-shopping tips and staples for healthy eating and shopping. Today, we’re getting the scoop on Dairy.


Milk/milk alternatives: Aldi continues to expand this section. I’m sure you can find any kind of milk you are looking for according to your personal tastes and diet.

Eggs: You can find conventional, free-range, and/or organically raised eggs here depending on your preference. Eggs are my go-to if I’m running late and need lunch or dinner in a hurry. My personal mantra, “put an egg on it,” always saves the day! I also hard-boil a dozen at the beginning of the week for a quick protein snack.

Greek yogurt (plain): Such a good price! Eat it with some fresh fruit or find a way to add this protein powerhouse to your dishes.

The next time you go exploring at Aldi, try a couple of the suggestions above, then let us know how it went!

Next time, we’ll dive into the pantry section as we continue our tour of the Ultimate Everyday Aldi Grocery List!

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