The First Question You Need To Ask Before Setting A New Year’s Resolution

I want to start working out. I lose weight. I want to dedicate time for self-care. I want to sign up for a competition. I want a new job. I want to save more money.

All very common New Year’s Resolutions. All very good one’s too. Any one of these resolutions, when accomplished would make a huge difference in the trajectory of your life.

Yet most every single one of us will have abandoned our resolutions by the time February is over. Maybe our New Year’s Resolution should be to keep our New Year’s Resolution longer.

You can do that by asking this one simple question:

Who do I want to be in December of 2020?

That one question can make the difference between quitting in February and crushing your goals. Here is why.

  • Instead of stating a goal it asks what kind of person you want to be. Subtle yet powerful difference. Asking what type of person you want to be forces you look at the fringes of your goal and take into account your lifestyle. It’s not longer, “I want to lose weight.” It becomes “I am the type of person who weighs 10 pound lighter.” Then when you’re holding that doughnut you have to reconcile eating that doughnut with the type of person you wanted to become.
  • It creates a low trajectory to a distant horizon. December 2020 is a long way away. Thinking that far into the future saves you from the trap of quick fixes and rash decisions. The rule of thumb is the quicker the change, the quicker it leaves. Lose 5 pounds this week? You better bet that you’ll see those 5 pounds again REALLY soon.
  • It gives you grace. So you messed up and it is February. I guess you’re just another statistic, huh? Not so fast. Remember, we are asking who we want to be in December of 2020. Messing up in February derails NOTHING. You have plenty of time to get back up and get back on track. Give yourself some grace and try again.

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