Powerlifting: The Ultimate Sport for Females

So, I did a new thing recently. And I loved it!

I decided a while ago to sign up for a powerlifting meet. As a long-practicing CrossFit athlete, I was looking to use my fitness in a new sport. So, with about seven weeks of specific training on the power lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift), I was able to compete well and have a great time (and not totally make an idiot of myself)!

Throughout training and competing, I learned some pretty amazing things about powerlifting. Enough for me to really get bitten by the powerlifting bug. I already cannot wait to start another training cycle and compete again.

One amazing thing I experienced about powerlifting was that it was WAY more accessible than I would have known. Anyone can enjoy the sport of powerlifting. I mean ANYONE.

For example: There are 16 different age categories. Juniors start as young as 13 and age categories go all the way up to 85+. I personally met a 14-year-old and a 67-year-old at this meet who KILLED IT! And by “KILLED IT,” I mean set new state records. Imagine being over 60 years old and still being able to set state and national records in your sport! Amazing, right?

Additionally, there are 10 different bodyweight classes for women and 12 for men. That means you are not measured against the person who is 40 pounds of muscle heavier than you, you are measured against people you same age and size. Talk about a level playing field.

The number of female powerlifters at the meet was incredible. And I don’t mean muscle-bound terrors of a woman. OK, there were one or two of those. But women that, at a glance, you might not have suspected were strength athletes—until they stepped on the platform and did their thing! They ranged from barely 100 lb. to over 200 lb. As young as 16 all the way up to 60. They didn’t just compete, they represented. They’re not playing in a boys’ sport. They’re competing in THEIR sport.

This is a trend unique to fitness sports that you typically don’t see in other sports: a level playing field for women. Powerlifting not only celebrates women, but women of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

When I got back to Strong Tower, I looked around at our athletes and I thought without question any one of them could compete in powerlifting. I don’t know that I can say that about Olympic lifting or even our own sport of CrossFit.

In fact, I think the opportunity will present itself soon. Stay tuned, women of Strong Tower!

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